Hi, I'm Emily, but you'd probably gathered that already seeing as my name is plastered everywhere on this site... 

I'm using Journo Portfolio as a platform for my written work. See, I ramble a lot, archive this digitally, and need somewhere to compile it all.

I'm a deep thinker and this has certainly led to my love of the written word - when you're mulling over things ALL the time, you've got to have an outlet for it!

Being able to write certainly helped in my history degree at the University of Exeter's Cornwall Campus, and allowed me to gain employment as a Copywriter in a marketing agency shortly after. With the copywriting and social media experience gained in this role, I moved on to be a Content Executive at Clarks HQ and then a Digital Copywriter at Interaction from September 2017.

Other than using the written word in studying and working, over the years I have written for a range of outlets, some of which you will also find on this site.

In general, I love coming up with ideas for content and simply want to share these. Who knows, maybe there are some people out there who empathise or will gain something from my thought process.

So, take a look around and get in touch - thanks for stopping by. 

Stay up to date via social media too (there will never be pictures of avocado, promise. Note 2018: sorry, there was one)...