Upgrade Your Conservatory Roof In Time for Winter

It’s nearly September, and we hate to break it to you – but that means that Winter isn’t that far away. There is no need to worry though, with conservatory roof replacement from G2S, you can finally make the most of your living space – just in time for the colder seasons. Rather than completely dismantling the whole conservatory structure, roof replacement enables you to give your space a completely new lease of life. Replacing the roof will give the feel of a completely new space, yet there

New Warmcore Composite Windows Available

There is one type of product that goes above and beyond in terms of thermal performance: Warmcore. Quickly becoming known as the most energy efficient option on the market, Warmcore composite windows combine the benefits of aluminium and uPVC, and result in seriously low U-Values. For your home, that means warm, peaceful and comfortable living spaces. The high performance of Warmcore boils down to its design. Planned from the ground up, rather than copying existing window styles, the windows a

Black windows: would you get them for your home? | Blog

Black windows have been popular for a very long time, thanks to the sleek style they can bring to any home. If you are thinking about updating your home with new windows, we think black is a great choice. Here are a few things to think about if you want to work out if black windows will work for you! Black windows create the perfect contrast between light-coloured interiors and exteriors. Think back to 1920s art deco styles – bold black and white patterns created fashionable contrasting pieces

A Spotlight on The Adorn Range

Earlier this week, members of a leading marketing team headed to Team Frames Trade and Retail’s headquarters in South Godstone Surrey. Read on to find out why! What do you get when you combine two talented videographers and a modern product range? A video to promote Team Frames Trade and Retail’s Adorn Range! Two savvy creative marketing specialists have been working their magic to create an insightful video of the latest home improvements that are available with The Adorn Range of glazed e

The Wonders Of A Glazed Extension

A glazed extension is very similar to a conservatory, but boasts a more contemporary and architectural style. Think more glass and less frame – making for a bright, spacious and generally wondrous addition to your home. With slim lines, smooth finishes and lots of glass areas, a glazed extension will only serve to enhance your daily life. It will fill your home with light and more space. Use the area from dawn to dusk, for meals, entertaining and relaxing – it doesn’t get much more versatile th

Bifold Doors: The Crux Of Modern Living

It is no surprise that bifold doors are one of the most popular home improvement choices in modern times. They are sleek, stylish and offer a range of benefits for modern lifestyles – read on to find out why they should be a staple feature of your modern home! Choose the latest material for your bifold doors, and you can benefit from less bulky frames – that means more glass, better views and the creation of a glass wall for your kitchen or other living space. Wondering which material we ar

Aluminium Windows - What You Need To Know | Kingfisher

If you’ve been looking for replacement home improvements, you may have heard of aluminium windows – the latest material to gain popularity for use in homes. Are you aware of the benefits that they can bring to the inside and outside of your home? If you need reminding, here are five things you need to know about aluminium windows. In the previous century, aluminium windows tended to only be used in large structures, such as offices, schools and public service buildings. This meant that qualit

Get That "Wow-Factor" With a Lantern Roof

Fed up with your living space feeling dark and dingy? Bring it to life with a lantern roof! The extra glass won’t just make rooms feel brighter, they will make them seem bigger. A lantern roof is the perfect home improvement for homes needing a new lease of life, just in time for Summer. Think of a normal lantern, the kind you put a tea light in. It is made up of individual glass sections, held together by a frame. The same principle is applied to lantern roofs, simply on a larger scale (and wi

8 Doors You Wish You Had For Your Home | Group

Your front door is the first thing that many people will notice about your home. Making it sleek, stylish and reflective of your personality makes a great first impression. Doors that look good are seriously beneficial for the inside of your home too – they enhance thermal performance, offer more security and are easy to clean. Choose a reputable installer, and these benefits will last for decades! If you are thinking about door replacement, here are a few design choices to give you some inspi

Enjoy The Summer Evenings A Little More With Bifold Doors

Bank holiday brought sunshine. Who knows when it will show up again?! Ensure that you can make the most of your home when the sun returns by choosing bifold doors. They may sound confusing, but they’re anything but. Bifold doors are a design masterpiece! Offering similar benefits to sliding patio doors, bifold doors go one step further – they allow you to open up your living spaces to the outside, which is great news for summer evenings and the inevitable BBQ’s and entertaining! Bifold doors

6 home improvement ideas for summer

“Summer afternoon” – Possibly two of the most exciting words in the English language when used together, at least for the modern homeowner and for good reason! It’s a time that’s ideal for relaxing in the sunshine with a Pina colada in one hand and a good old fashioned British burger in the other, but don’t miss this opportunity to make the most of your home this season with a couple of inventive home idea improvement ideas. Oh yes, we’re starting off this list with the granddaddy home improve

Godstone Home Brought Back To Life With The Adorn Range

When Mr and Mrs Hatter moved into their South Godstone semi-detached property in 2005, they mentioned how it was “everything we’d hoped for – spacious, beautiful and packed full of period charm”. Unfortunately, there was one aspect of the property that the couple couldn’t ignore. The dated timber windows and doors were doing no favours for the aesthetics or performance of the property. Luckily, The Adorn Range from Team Frames Trade & Retail was the perfect solution! Due to years of weather

Want A Door That Reflects Your Personality? Choose Colour!

A front door is often the first feature noticed and is vital in making a positive first impression. It can also make your return home that little bit better – who wants to get home from work to an unsightly, rotting door? Thanks to front door technology, it is possible to reflect your personality in your door. Now there are no excuses for a dated exterior to your home! The world is your oyster in terms of the door styles and colours now available. The new generation of premium uPVC doors has o

uPVC Doors Today: The Best They've Ever Been

uPVC doors have come a long way in recent years, and they make the ideal front door solution. We look further into how uPVC doors have changed, and what really makes modern doors, well, modern. If you were to time travel back to the 80s, you would see uPVC doors in every residential street. Introduced to the UK from Germany, PVC systems quickly became very popular. However, the frames of these uPVC doors tended to far bulkier and weak compared to the timber doors they were replacing. Many door

The 5 Best Home Improvement Ideas for Spring

With Spring comes the motivation for change and new beginnings – so why not celebrate the season and the start of warmer weather by treating your home? We’ve come up with a choice of five home improvements that are perfect for this time of year. A new conservatory could give your home the extra space it really needs. Benefit from a space that can be as spacious and airy as it is cosy – ideal for the transition from Spring days into dusk. A modern conservatory can be perfectly matched to the ch

10 Reasons Why Your House Should Have Double Glazing | Group

You’ve probably at least heard of the term “double glazing”. It may simply mean two panes of glass separated by an argon or air filled vacuum, but are you aware of the many benefits that modern designs can bring you and your home? Here are 10 reasons why you should think about installing double glazing. An average-sized home could save over £100 a year on heating bills thanks to double glazing. This is because the extra pane of glass serves to keep more heat inside the property. If you turn y

Transform your home with slide and swing doors | Kingfisher

Aluminium slide and swing doors from Kingfisher help you make the most of space – whereas many other door styles encroach on space when opening or closing, slide and swing designs mean that you can open any part of the door. So whether you want easy access to outside, or simply a light breeze when it’s warm, slide and swing doors can enhance your home like no other product can. It may sound like a dance move, but slide and swing doors do more than just look nice – featuring multiple panes, the

New Factory Acquistion For TWR

As long-serving trailblazers in the glass and glazing industry, we are proud to be celebrating another major business milestone. Here at our family-run company, we have acquired a 25,000 sq ft site that will become our second factory. The new site in Peterlee, County Durham, represents a major acquisition and will be one of the biggest dedicated bi-folding door manufacturing plants in the UK. We will only manufacture bi-folding doors at the site and the new factory will be in addition to our

Is your conservatory too cold in winter and too hot in summer? | Kingfisher

If you’re conservatory is completely unloved and unused, then it could benefit from roof replacement. Tiled roofs can create a versatile space that can be used all year round, thanks to staying warm in winter and comfortable in Summer too. Tiled roofs can give your conservatory a new lease of life. They stop the space becoming too stuffy in Summer and too cold in Winter thanks to innovative insulation – this means your extension can be used and loved once more, and provide you and your family w
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