How to Dress For Graduation

Although it may be a while away until you have to wear that sodding hat and Harry Potter-esque gown, you may want to start thinking about what you’re going to wear, especially if your graduation picture is going to take pride of place on your gran’s mantel piece and/or bathroom wall… If you’ve got to wear a gown it might make sense to opt for something a bit longer than you would normally go for. If you’re wearing a teeny tiny dress then you’ll look like you’re wearing your birthday suit under

5 Shows To Watch This Easter

Whether through Netflix or the BBC, whilst you’ve  got a bit more time on your hands (and a free TV license thanks to your ‘rents) why not give these shows a try? 1. Pretty Little Liars (Netflix): A best friend gets murdered and this series attempts to find out who done it. There's a mysterious character named 'A' who stalks the main friendship group, sending each of them texts, all of the time! Watch if you like those tense moments. 2. Breaking Bad (Netflix): A chemistry teacher gets cancer a

Lessons Learned At University

Remember three years ago when you were a timid mouse, worried whether you would make any friends or be able to make it at University on your own? Look at yourself now, I bet you’ve grown so much. You’ve met new people, conquered new fears (most notably talking in front of people and working in groups) and you’ve learned that you can do anything (well almost, if you’re anything like me you still can’t successfully walk up a hill on campus without needing a rest.) 2) You Can Go It Alone Along wi

Third Years: What To Do With Your Life When Teaching Finishes

The day has finally come. You have no more lectures or seminars. No more awkward stomach rumbling or getting in late and having to sit at the front like a keen bean. It’s a relief to begin with, but it’s the start of an end of an era. The end of your degree is in sight. But so is the rest of your life (just a trivial thought there…) So what are you going to do? It’s unlikely you’ll ever have as much freedom again. You’ll have to start being a responsible adult soon and actually buy vegetables (

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Valentine's Even If You Have One

You’ve actually got a ‘Valentine’ this year. Cue demands for chocolate, heart shaped cookies and a 99p card bought last minute, right? Not necessarily. Believe it or not, there’s more to relationships than Valentine’s Day. Here are some silly and more serious reasons why it shouldn’t necessarily be the pinnacle of your romantic calendar year… 1) It’s far too close to Christmas- you’ve probably still got a tonne of chocolate left over 2) You really don’t need another present to buy. LOANS. DO.

5 Side Effects of the Pill You Didn't Know About

No you are not going crazy, but the changing amount of hormones in your body can make you cry one minute or have an angry fit the next. Never feel full? It may be down to your contraception. The hormones can make you crave certain foods, all food in general, or just make you feel hungry. All. The. Time (you might want to forget how to get to McDonald’s…) Ironic as it is, the pill can actually reduce your motivation to have fun in the bedroom. Don’t you just love life’s many contradictions. Th

6 Down-Sides to Down-Sizing

Believe it or not, with weight loss comes some disadvantages. Obviously it has great health and mood benefits, but if you or someone you know has recently lost a lot of weight, bear in mind these six things... They may have become over-obsessive with diets or calorie counting. If this goes too far this can lead to eating disorders. This is an especially vicious cycle to break when you’re getting compliments on how great you look. Just learn to realise when enough is enough (whether you are the

The Benefits of Being Home For Christmas

If you’re one of those people who dread going home for any substantial period of time because Uni or college is like so good then have no fear.  Here are some little reminders to enable you to make this Christmas at home a little more bearable (if you’re dreading it that is. If not then as you were…) When at home, you won’t have to spend hours totting up your budget and working out exactly how many super-noodles/pizzas/ciders you can buy. The fridge is always full. University housing is renown

New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

So it is nearly that time of year again where you optimistically think about the next 365 days and how much healthier/stronger/happier you will be. But just in case you are having trouble answering when people ask you the dreaded ‘”Got any Resolutions this year?” here a few more attainable goals… 1. Stop going to the shop to buy unnecessary snacks. Pasties especially are not kind to the thighs. 2. Stop trying to squeeze into indie/alternative/hippy leggings. They merely make legs resemble pigs

Falmouth Vintage Flea Market

Presented by Kitty Gubbins, Held at Mango's, Church Street in Falmouth Those words may either conjure up images of cool hipsters or pensioners. Either way, this is definitely worth a visit. If you’re like me in any way, you may feel a bit envious of the sheer amount of fashionable people that seem to pop up around town and on campus. But visit this flea market at Mango’s  with an open mind, and you’ll probably leave with an empty purse (coin purse for you uber hipsters). There’s a mass of quirk

Dealing with a Long Distance Relationship

Summer is long gone. If you’re lucky like me and actually managed to gain a love interest amidst those sunny rays (or that lovely English cold front) then you may be wondering whether you can actually maintain this relationship during term time. People keep telling you “that’s going to be hard” and despite this, you know deep down you’re perfectly capable. You have FaceTime after all! But more than the social networking with your significant other, I think there’s something more important that c

The Reasons You Need Club I In Your Life

For those of you who don't know, Club International is Falmouth's only club. If you go to Uni here it's pretty much guaranteed you will make at least one visit. Even though many claim to hate it, I have a funny feeling that it's a guilty pleasure for most. Mainly for these reasons... 1) The amount of soap it takes to scrub off the stamp means University students here are bound to have the cleanest hands around. 2) You will come away from Uni knowing all of the lyrics to ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ and ‘

Library Life: Tremough Edition

Okay, let’s be honest. How many of us go to the library to actually work? I bet you sometimes go there to get out of the house/flat/street or to buy a coffee from a vending machine (admit it, you’re still in awe of these monstrosities- instant coffee- INSTANT). And if you’re sad like me, you might even go purely to attempt to catch the eye of someone way out of your league. But alas, its simple for library experiences to be hindered by one’s own stupidity. If you forget to eat before you go, you
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