The Top Benefits of a Corporate Loyalty Scheme

It can be confusing knowing how to reward your most loyal customers. You want to say thank you but also entice them to maintain their custom at the same time… This is where a reward scheme comes in! A win-win for all parties involved, we’ve summed up what makes them so beneficial: • A reward scheme does what it says on the tin – it rewards custom, loyalty and hard work. Sometimes all that is needed to motivate someone is a little reward (and not just a “thank you” email). Travel and experiences

Why Visiting Asia Should be on Your To-Do List

Covering 30% of the Earth’s total land area and made up of 48 counties, Asia is filled to the brim with history, amazing delicacies and unique experiences – some that might even take you out of your comfort zone. Visitors are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to things to see and do, whether preferences revolve around culture, adventure, wildlife, or relaxation. For these reasons, it’s no wonder that the continent is fast-becoming a popular destination for incentive travel. As well as bein

Time to Get Inspired: Unique Destinations for Your Next Business Trip

With technology and the internet making the world feel smaller than ever, it can be hard knowing where to travel to get an authentic experience of a different culture. Luckily, we’ve got a knack for discovering something different – so we thought we’d introduce some amazing destinations that you might not have even thought of. Who knows, maybe you could be heading there on your next incentive trip? Think of Iceland and you may picture endless deserts of white, but it offers so much more than j

Great Ideas for Your US Incentive Trip

When it comes to incentive travel, heading across the pond can really widen your horizons. From cosmopolitan cities to scenic coastlines, the US has it all – so we thought we’d offer up some destination inspiration for 6 different locations… Visited by an estimated 65 million tourists every year, we probably don’t need to remind you about the draws of the “Big Apple”. However, we can suggest something special to add to your to-do list – the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Held in November ever

The UK’s Best Golf Courses: 5 of Our Favourites

Here at Incentivise, we’re lucky to have our very own in-house golf experts. Not only have they got event planning down to a tee, but they know which courses are a sure-fire way to entertain your clients or colleagues. With that in mind, we asked them what five of their favourite locations were for a round (and a post-game beverage too of course)… Self-titled as “the finest of all courses in England”, Southport’s Royal Birkdale was established in 1889 and subsequently awarded royal status in 1

How to Dress For Graduation

Although it may be a while away until you have to wear that sodding hat and Harry Potter-esque gown, you may want to start thinking about what you’re going to wear, especially if your graduation picture is going to take pride of place on your gran’s mantel piece and/or bathroom wall… If you’ve got to wear a gown it might make sense to opt for something a bit longer than you would normally go for. If you’re wearing a teeny tiny dress then you’ll look like you’re wearing your birthday suit under

5 Shows To Watch This Easter

Whether through Netflix or the BBC, whilst you’ve  got a bit more time on your hands (and a free TV license thanks to your ‘rents) why not give these shows a try? 1. Pretty Little Liars (Netflix): A best friend gets murdered and this series attempts to find out who done it. There's a mysterious character named 'A' who stalks the main friendship group, sending each of them texts, all of the time! Watch if you like those tense moments. 2. Breaking Bad (Netflix): A chemistry teacher gets cancer a

Lessons Learned At University

Remember three years ago when you were a timid mouse, worried whether you would make any friends or be able to make it at University on your own? Look at yourself now, I bet you’ve grown so much. You’ve met new people, conquered new fears (most notably talking in front of people and working in groups) and you’ve learned that you can do anything (well almost, if you’re anything like me you still can’t successfully walk up a hill on campus without needing a rest.) 2) You Can Go It Alone Along wi

Third Years: What To Do With Your Life When Teaching Finishes

The day has finally come. You have no more lectures or seminars. No more awkward stomach rumbling or getting in late and having to sit at the front like a keen bean. It’s a relief to begin with, but it’s the start of an end of an era. The end of your degree is in sight. But so is the rest of your life (just a trivial thought there…) So what are you going to do? It’s unlikely you’ll ever have as much freedom again. You’ll have to start being a responsible adult soon and actually buy vegetables (

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Valentine's Even If You Have One

You’ve actually got a ‘Valentine’ this year. Cue demands for chocolate, heart shaped cookies and a 99p card bought last minute, right? Not necessarily. Believe it or not, there’s more to relationships than Valentine’s Day. Here are some silly and more serious reasons why it shouldn’t necessarily be the pinnacle of your romantic calendar year… 1) It’s far too close to Christmas- you’ve probably still got a tonne of chocolate left over 2) You really don’t need another present to buy. LOANS. DO.
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